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crisisoflife.net is an educational non-profit project produced by a group of concerned scientists and journalists to inform the public about the biodiversity crisis - the crisis of life.

Concept, filming and script


Bruno Andreas Walther is a research fellow at the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute (TESRI) and assistant professor of environmental sciences at the Taipei Medical University (TMU).



Klaus Bardenhagen is a freelance journalist based in Taipei, Taiwan.



Brandon Eckhoff is a freelance journalist based in Chicago, USA.

Our Thanks to


We also thank the following people for help during various stages of the project: Jörn Hülsmann, Marco Lange, Mathieu Motta, and Flora Nizard.

For providing visual materials, we thank Joel Cracraft, Winston Dang, Andrew Hendry, the NASA (http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/), Christian Plaep of WWF-Germany, Robert Scholes and Bruno Walther (www.bruno-walther.ch).

For providing background music, we thank Simeon Spies.